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Gold Chain Belt (Cecilio's Wares & Sundries)

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Gold Chain BeltPrice: 3,200 Sale 2,500 Gold Plated Lobster Clasp closure in Pristine Condition Description: This belt has the Greek Currency "20 Drachmai" on the belt as its focal. The 20 Drachmai is a currency that circulated in the 1976-1980 which featured a prominent figure, Pericles, who was an Athenian statesman influential in Athenian history that the period of his power is called the Age of Pericles. Under Pericles' leadership Athens became a center of literature and art. At the end of the chain, has the Peruvian currency "5 Soles" circulated during 1975-1977 which features Tupac Amaru who was the last monarch of the Neo-Inca State, the remnants of the Inca Empire in Vilcabamba, Peru. He perished during the Spanish colonization. The belt has captured the likeness of each currency as well a the figures mentioned with beautiful detail. I find that this sits just at the hip or above it to cinch the waist and funny enough, this works absurdly well as a sash